Terms of use

You automatically accept our conditions of sales, when shopping at Collect23. We therefore advise you to read them carefully. Also – please remember that you’re shopping vintage and preloved items that have been worn before. Therefore you can’t expect them to be as new.

Thank you for shopping at Collect23 – how it works

Collect23 is a vintage webshop with curated vintage clothes, accessories and shoes. Everything have been carefully selected and have undergone a quality check. But – since it is vintage – you can’t expect your purchase to be as new. We therefore advise you to have this in mind, when you’re shopping at www.collect23.com or in our showroom. If an item has visible flaws (but a flaw that we don’t consider being detrimental to the quality) we will always write it in the product description. We also provide every style with descriptions, material (when we are sure about it), measurements (please be aware that we write the measurements that we find essential for the given style) and size. Please note that the size that is written in the item description can be different from the one there’s listed on the neck label, since size varies from country to country and also from decade to decade. Therefore – we provide a size service, where we write the contemporary size. The webshop is regularly updated and the listed items are often matched into the given season. Our goal is to make vintage shopping a natural and easy way of consuming and we want to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Thank you for making a difference.

Pick-up procedure

If you want to pick up your purchase, our address is: Willemoesgade 53, 3th. 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Please contact us beforehand on hello@collect23.com and remember to indicate what you’ve purchased and your name.

Shopping at showroom

Please note that all purchases made directly in the showroom and not through www.collect23.com can’t be refunded. That means that you can not have your money back but you can exchange goods to a voucher. Please note that you have to make an appointment by writing to: hello@collect23.com, before visiting the showroom.

Notification of defects

All goods are covered by the danish sale of goods, giving you 24 months to complain about an item. As a customer you can complain about defects and defiencies that arise within 24 months of the purchase. However, if the defects, deficiencies, or wear and tear are due to negligent use, a lack of maintenance og simply because of normal wear, your right to complain is renounced. In case of a complaint or a missing delivery, please contact hello@collect23.com. We do not cover shipping fees in case of a complaint.

Item availability

Since we sell vintage (and preloved) items only, we do not have more than one of each item in stock. However – If an item is sold out, you are welcome to write to us with a request of an item similar to the one there’s sold out and we will notify you, if we get something similar back in stock.

Customs and sales tax/vat

If your order is placed frem an EU Country you will have to pay the danish sales tax/vat but no customs fee. This is according to customs policies regarding seles within the EU. If, however, your order is placed outside the EU you may have to pay additional tax and duties in the country of destination. Collect23 is not responsible for these or for any fees charged by customs. The carrier will contact you in case of any extra charges or customs clearance. This might delay the delivery. Please be advised that it’s your responsibility to pay for these extra charges.